About us

Welcome to BuyFineArtPhotography.com, with fine art photography creations by acclaimed Artist and Photographer, Jeremy Byers.  The motivation for Jeremy’s artwork is to truly capture the beauty in all things, and you will definitely find that beauty instilled here in art that will make you feel like you are in a brand new world where everything stands still for just a moment..  Take a break from the normal pace of your life, always in fast forward.  For that precious moment in time, you will be free to explore new horizons and landscapes, find beauty in originality, and venture into creative and mind-bending scenes.  You will not only see signed, limited edition, photographic prints, but also originals available for sale on this site.  Jeremy Byers’ artwork has been featured in an Atlanta RAW Event in 2012, and it has been shown in various local galleries across Georgia, including Blue Ridge, Ball Ground, and Canton.