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Fine Art Nude

What is fine art nude photography, as compared to just nude photography?  Nude photography follows the rules of photography regarding composition and technical capture of the image.  Photography itself is math, getting the lighting right and the exposure perfect.  Then, making sure the composition has leading lines or the rule of thirds in place.  As one of my photography teachers told me, successful “photography is to make the image as simple as possible, so the viewer knows what the subject is within seconds of seeing the image”. 

Fine art photography is different from that, since the camera is used just as a tool to capture the image the way the artist wants you to see it.  It is not about a simple image, it is about the meaning behind the image.  This includes all the hidden aspects, such as a disregard for the rules of photography, and the goal of getting perfect exposure.  If the artist is in a dark mood, they may under expose the image or blur it up. 

In short, photography captures an image, while fine art photography captures an idea, emotion, or thought.  Fine art nude photography takes the fine art part of capturing the artists vision and adds the element of a nude person.  There are some aspects that can be restrictive, and other areas really help the art.  A nude model is bare and exposed, like the artists emotions and thoughts. The model can reflect emotions or the lack thereof.  I personally enjoy using the model as a center piece of the nude art, or create a distraction in my nude photography to help tell a story.  The fine art nude photography you will find here tells a story, thought, or emotion. 

When I create nude fine art photography, I want it to be like a pebble tossed into the pool of the mind, creating ripples of thoughts and emotions.  The nude art that I publish is more of an experience of the mind than a simple fine art nude image.