3D printed twist Apple Pencil stand or pen holder // modern sleek office design

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3D printed Apple Pencil or pen holder

Designed to be sleek and modern with support to keep this pen/pencil stand from tipping over if bumped. Easily find your pen or pencil on your desk and it will help keep your office organized.

Art you can feel good about!

Sustainable art

Polylactic Acid, most commonly known as PLA, is a polymer made from renewable resources. Contrary to other thermoplastics which are petroleum-based, some of the raw materials used for PLA's production include corn starch, tapioca roots, or sugarcane.

As PLA is made from renewable sources, such as starch (e.g. corn, potatoes, etc.), soy protein, cellulose, and lactic acid, it is compostable, but this process is only considered “composted” when 3 criteria are met: The material breaks down into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. The PLA fully disintegrates.

PLA is compostable but only in an industrial composting plant.