Figure Study 1214 limited edition fine art print signed and numbered

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Nude female figure study shot in studio.

Ink upon her skin, a tale untold, A girl with secrets, mysteries unfold, An octopus in shades of blue and gray, Intricate tentacles, in graceful array.

Upon her chest, the cephalopod's embrace, A symbol of strength, a hidden place, Each tentacle a story, a whispered word, In the language of ink, her voice is heard.

In the depths of the sea, where shadows dance, She found her anchor, her hidden romance, The octopus, a symbol of her inner strife, A creature of beauty in the ocean of life.

With eyes like gems that gleam in the night, She carries its wisdom, her guiding light, In the ink and the waves, she finds her way, A girl with an octopus tattoo, come what may.

Through storms and calm, she'll boldly steer, With the spirit of the octopus, there's nothing to fear, In the depths of her soul, where dreams take flight, She's a girl with an octopus tattoo, a beautiful sight.

Limited edition of 200, unframed