Droplets Abstract limited edition print

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“Droplets Abstract” is a black and white macro shot of two leaves overlapping each other. One leaf covers the top third of the print, with the cellular structure of the leaf becoming visible. The secondary leaf peeks out timidly from underneath the first leaf, coming to a strong point. Droplets from a springtime storm are strewn across each leaf providing an interesting contrast of strong lines with deep shadow and light with amorphous blobs of liquidity. The background is a muted charcoal gray that fades into black. 
Signed and numbered edition of 35 prints, artist Jeremy Byers 

All prints will have a 1 or 2-inch white border around the image. An 8x12” print will be on a 10x14” paper. All prints will have the print number then the edition size on the bottom left of the print on the front in the white border. The format is for example 2/250. All prints will have the signature on the front on the bottom right of the image on the white border. When matting the image you can cover the edition and signature without covering the print if you choose to. All prints are on hand-cut professional-grade paper. I use professional grade pigments in the creation of each print and because of the combination of paper and pigment, every print is rated at 120 years in archive conditions.