Figure Study 1418 limited edition fine art print signed and numbered

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Nude female figure study shot in studio.

In shadows' tender, graceful sway, A goddess stands at break of day, Her form, a masterpiece, unveiled, From behind, her beauty hailed.

Silhouetted 'gainst the morning light, She's cloaked in the softness of the night, Each curve, each line, a work of art, A symphony of grace, a beating heart.

Her hair cascades like midnight streams, A river of secrets, a realm of dreams, And as she faces the distant sun, A new day's tale has just begun.

Her shoulders bear the weight of time, A history etched in prose and rhyme, With every step, she conquers space, A timeless presence, a sacred place.

In this moment, she's a muse, a dream, A nude goddess in the morning's gleam, From behind, her radiance we find, A vision of beauty, heart and mind.

Limited edition of 200, unframed