Figure Study 3960 limited edition fine art print signed and numbered

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Nude female figure study shot in the studio.

On her body, a canvas pure and white, Paper cranes take flight, a delicate sight. Each fold, a wish, a secret desire, Ink of the heart, they begin to transpire.

Graceful wings on her skin do reside, Symbols of hope, love, and dreams to confide. Origami whispers, tales yet untold, In the language of cranes, their stories unfold.

One crane for courage, to face the unknown, Another for love, in its seeds, to be sown. A third for serenity, amidst life's rough seas, Together they dance with the gentlest breeze.

The fourth crane for wisdom, to guide her each day, As it flutters and twirls, in a mystical way. Fifth, for endurance, strength from within, A reminder that battles, we all have to win.

Sixth crane for laughter, in joy and in mirth, For happiness found in the small wonders of Earth. And seventh, a wish for a future so bright, A world full of love and a heart filled with light.

With every fold, the artist's heart poured, Paper cranes on her body, a tale to be adored. Ink and paper, skin and soul intertwined, A masterpiece of stories, both humble and kind.

As the cranes take flight, on her canvas they play, A symbol of beauty in their delicate array. A poem on her skin, a tale of grace, Paper cranes on her body, a wondrous embrace.

Limited edition of 200, unframed